[LINK] The White House IT -- a joke!

fcassia fcassia at gmail.com
Fri Jan 23 09:57:14 AEDT 2009

On Thu, Jan 22, 2009 at 8:49 PM, Marghanita da Cruz <marghanita at ramin.com.au>

>> As for "six-year-old versions of Microsoft software", at a guess I'd say
>> this would referring to either Windows Server 2003 or Office 2003 - both of
>> which are still by far the most common versions of these programs, and
>> exactly what you'd expect given the above scenario.  They can't be referring
>> to Windows XP - it's closer to 8 years old...

If forced to use Windows, I'd take a copy of "old" XP64 -or Windows
2000 for that matter if using an old underpowered system- over the
latest greatest Vista and Win7 fatware, any time.

But I'm not (forced to use Windows) so I just use Fedora. I guess it's
too much to expect that the outgoing administration used their
brains... and besides they were the ones which gave a big gift to MSFT
with that issue of the DOJ-MSFT trial remedies...


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