[LINK] FW: It's big, expanding and has a carbon footprint to match

Tom Koltai tomk at unwired.com.au
Sun Jan 25 02:54:41 AEDT 2009

Therefore it makes sense that Google, Microsoft or Yahoo would want to
put a Solar powered ICT centre in Broome, Onslow or Alice Springs.....
Sitting on the Optus Jasaraus Fibre that has three redundant circuits
back to the Pac-Rim fibre..... 

Especially when you consider the Unity cable and the unfinished "Pipe"
PP1 from Sydney to Guam. It remains to be seen where in Australia Unity
will land ? Or - Will Unity from USA to Japan via Guam offer the Pipe
boys a bailout option ?

Hmmm, australia is looking good for future connectivity.

Im off to buy some vacant desert in the red centre.....

And I think I see a new cable from Brisbane to Three ways (near Tennant
Creek) coming up. And perhaps some M&A activity that should create a few
chuckles at the ASX.


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> It's big, expanding and has a carbon footprint to match Fairfax
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> "There's not a hydro site in the world that hasn't been visited by
> Google, Microsoft or Yahoo, to see if they can set up a data centre 
> there," Smarr said. The data centres are the physical 
> manifestation of 
> the internet and ICT. They are also the places where the carbon 
> footprint of the web will grow or shrink, if, instead of electricity, 
> they can be run off alternate sources of energy such as 
> solar, hydro or 
> biofuel. The sense of urgency at the conference about addressing the 
> internet's carbon footprint and its associated data storage, was real 
> but had less to do with altruism about the planet's future 
> and much more 
> to do with the financial bottom line.

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