[LINK] Theophanus sexual assault case and text messages

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The Age today has an interview with Theo Theophanus, a former Vic 
minister, and still MP, who is on trial for rape here. Not getting 
into the case itself, there is a point in the article
that is:
He also says people do not realise the extent to which police can 
check text messages. "Every single text message you've sent and 
received for the last three years can be traced and I ask you a 
simple question: How many people in the world can stand the scrutiny 
of having every one of their text messages over the last three years examined?

Is this true without a warrant to actually capture those messages? 
Are all messages completely stored at the telco? Or is it just the 
fact that a text message was sent to/from a number and not the actual 
text content?


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