[LINK] google catch up [was: ICT Predictions 2009 - little OT (gov't reports example)

Sylvano sylvano at gnomon.com.au
Tue Jan 27 12:59:15 AEDT 2009

On Tue, January 27, 2009 12:38 pm, Lea de Groot wrote:

> I *think* that Google is just behind.
> (I have a similar search running on Google Alerts, to give me updates
> on a government project I worked on many years ago, as I'd like to
> know how my colleagues are progressing - no joy, I've never found out
> anything new)
> I assume that the websites the information is coming from are poorly
> constructed for the engine's crawl, so information is not found in a
> timely manner, and duplicate pages are finally found and the bot
> thinks they are new.

My google news alerts can be a couple of days behind when things are
posted to the site reported on.

I can only imagine that the google crawl is necessarily having to
prioritise is seek and report capabilities so that news items on current
hot topics will be very quick and those on more obscure topic areas (like
mine) less so.  I reckon document updates on government department
websites just don't cut it compared to the latest tennis results ;-)

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