[LINK] Environment department used 30 sheets of paper per person per day

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Jan Whitaker wrote:
> At 09:58 AM 28/01/2009, Marghanita da Cruz wrote:
>> Perhaps these are some of the green jobs we need to create and the structural
>> changes our economy requires. Apparently the funding for grants for digital
>> settop boxes/tvs ran out in the US. Perhaps the new administration will
>> establish new environmental programs....after all the people who put 
>> the gadgets
>> together should be able to take them apart.
> That last is a better process than the images of the poor in Indian 
> [do I have the right country?] searching through piles of discarded 
> computer equipment to recover the gold and encountering some other 
> nasty metals along the way.

Separation and keeping materials free from contamination is an obstacle to 
recycling and reuse. Scrap and Recycling is big business!

The images I have seen are of people trawling through tips...it is the discarded 
syringes, broken glass and biohazards that strike me as being more of a problem. 
Though it doesn't look like it is Australia's computer waste
> India’s imports from Australia
> Peas, Chickpeas Etc, Almonds, Sunflower Seed Oil, Wool , Cotton, Non-monetary gold, Silver Platinum, Nickel Ores & Conc, Non –ferrous Metal Waste & Scrap, Copper, Copper ores & Conc. Aluminium, Brass, Lead and Ores & Conc , Coal – Coking, Coal – Thermal, Carbon Black - Rubber Industry, Plastics, In Primary Forms, Chemicals & Related Products, Hides & Skins, Bovine, Sheep, Lamb Etc, Newsprint , Paper & Paper Board Etc, Flat Rolled Iron & Steel, Waste and Scrap of Iron and Steel, Civil Engineering Equipment, Office Machine Parts, Telecom Equipment, Photo Optical Equipment , Photographic supplies, Machinery & Transport Equipment. More recently wines, cheese, fruit juices, apples & mandarins.

> There was talk on radio today in Melbourne about why we're not 
> retooling the auto factories to build train carriages again. 
> Melbourne is in strife re not having enough, so why not?

been there done that!
> The Hon. MICHAEL GALLACHER: I direct a question without notice to the Minister for Transport Services. Will the Minister assure the community that he will instruct RailCorp to actively seek to have the 498 new railway carriages manufactured and assembled in New South Wales, and in doing so assure the future employment of hundreds of workers in areas such as the Hunter and Bathurst?

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