[LINK] Environment department used 30 sheets of paper per person per day

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On 28/01/2009, at 2:48 PM, Rick Welykochy wrote:

> One thing that obviates the need to print reams and reams of paper
> in this century is the emergence of high res screens on laptops.
> Works for me, although I wouldn't want to read an entire book that  
> way.

I've just purchased a Joseph Conrad collection of novels and novellas  
for my phone. For the price ($2.49), I shall experiment with a  
different kind of book reading process.

The reading process is via a teleprompt-style front-end: tilt the  
phone to read faster, tilt back to read more slowly, and swipe to move  
forward or back. There are no 'pages' as such, since it relies on  
interface to dictate how much the reader can view (all user- 
adjustable). Granted, it's not on a hi-res laptop screen, but  
nonetheless it shall prove to be an interesting experience. I'd be  
keen to hear what others think of this approach, too.

> ...the Department of Foreign Affairs and
> Trade offers an online passport renewal service. Works a treat.
> Identify yourself and submit renewal application. They will then
> snail mail a completed form. All you do is sign it and take it to
> the post office. New passport arrives at your doorstep within weeks.
> One little piece of paper, no printer, no faxing, no fuss at my end.

Apart from the irony of ending up with a paper product (!), I wonder  
if the process could be streamlined further, with no snail-mail  
requirement, and no ink-on-paper signature on a form.


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