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> Stockmarket News .. [TEY] Heat Flow Results Returned .. 28-Jan-2009

Torrens Energy has announced high recorded heat flow return from drilling 
in late 2008. 

The company has reported that the Port Augusta result is highly 
significant coming in above Torrens 90 mW/m2 target. Ongoing exploration 
activity is supported by a matching $3 million Federal Government grant 
under the Federal Government REDI program. 

Re: http://www.torrensenergy.com/

Torrens Energy Limited (TEY) listed on the ASX in March 2007, raising 
$6M. Due to overwhelming investor interest, the offer .. was heavily 

Torrens has created an exceptional opportunity to generate sustainable, 
renewable, emissions-free geothermal energy and become a dominant player 
in efficient, reliable electricity generation. 

The Company has been granted a large geothermal tenement holding in areas 
close to Adelaide in South Australia. 

The selected areas are known for high heat flow and coincide with the 
overlying insulating sedimentary cover required for high temperatures to 

In addition, and unique to Torrens, these highly prospective areas are 
located on the National Power Grid, close to large energy markets and 

Heat flow modeling shows great promise 

The discovery of old well-logs from a 754m petroleum well has confirmed 
the excellent exploration potential of the Torrens Project area. 

The logs showed a very high bottom hole temperature of 57°C. Using heat 
flow estimates ( view diagram here) and existing open file geological 
data temperature modelling has been completed to 5000m. The modelled heat 
reservoir indicates high heat flow, reaching 230°C at full depth, well 
within the range required for commercial power generation. 

For this location the heat flow estimate is 106mW/m², comparable to the 
Cooper Basin in the north of South Australia and well above the Company’s 
stated target of 90mW/m². 

The Company’s stated results have been independently checked and verified 
by Hot Dry Rocks Pty Ltd, Australia’s leading geothermal consulting firm. 

Note: Usual disclaimer, NO financial association with ANY such company,
(perhaps unfortunately .. unless my super fund have shares (?) hope so :)

Cheers people
Stephen Loosley
Victoria, Australia

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