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stephen at melbpc.org.au stephen at melbpc.org.au
Sat Jan 31 05:26:04 AEDT 2009

> To try to curb unauthorized file-sharing the report recommends
> requiring Internet service providers to send warning letters to
> persistent pirates.

I think a better way to 'police' our net is to give the public strong
rights over Internet Protocol numbers. That is, you've registered the
numbers, you take care of them!

Same if you own a house, you follow our normal occupancy laws & bylaws

If you output spam/malware/porn/copyright illegally from your address,
we public should be able to contact you, easily, and warn you to stop.

Soon we'll have a flood of new IvP6 registrations. Many more addresses.

The perfect time for Australia to tighten up registration requirements.

You register a .au address then we want a gaurantee that you will keep
up-to-date with your problem-contact address, & act on site complaints.

That is, keep your house in order, engage in pest-control & do no harm.

But, our current au IvP4 Who-is system, www.apnic.net/search/index.html
is a virtually unknown resource outside we geeks. I say if Aussie Fred
is diddled, spammed or in anyway abused by an .au IP location we 'must'
speak up. Yes, report it, but first take action ourselves and report IP
allocation-rule abuse directly to the IP owner. Give us a chance to fix
it ourselves first .. with goodwill all-round.

Dont blame the poor isp messenger, stop net-abuse at it's origin. Give
we Aussie public 'strong' IvP6 registration requirements and advertise 
the who-is look-up addresses so we can all look up ownership ourselves.

Give us IvP6 laws, information & tools, and we'll look after ourselves.


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