[LINK] Aussie IvP6 registrations

Kim Davies kim at cynosure.com.au
Sat Jan 31 08:50:30 AEDT 2009

Quoting stephen at melbpc.org.au on Friday January 30, 2009:
| You register a .au address then we want a gaurantee that you will keep
| up-to-date with your problem-contact address, & act on site complaints.
| That is, keep your house in order, engage in pest-control & do no harm.
| But, our current au IvP4 Who-is system, www.apnic.net/search/index.html
| is a virtually unknown resource outside we geeks. I say if Aussie Fred
| is diddled, spammed or in anyway abused by an .au IP location we 'must'
| speak up. Yes, report it, but first take action ourselves and report IP
| allocation-rule abuse directly to the IP owner. Give us a chance to fix
| it ourselves first .. with goodwill all-round.

I think you greatly overstate the ability for the average punter to
do forensic analysis on problems with their Internet connection. If
you look at the average mail header you will see a jumble of jargon,
with probably at least 5 or so things that look like IP numbers, most
of which is irrelevant; and to decipher with even a moderate amount
of certainty requires a lot of understanding of how networks are
configured. This is particularly problematic given that most spammers
now will inject completely bogus Received headers in their messages,
and that most people these days use Gmail or Yahoo! Mail rather than
ISP provided services.

I say this as you are probably sitting on a computer with an IP address
of, but if you were to lodge an abuse complaint based on
WHOIS lookup about that it would come to me. And people do, to the tune
of the tens of thousands. And for many, no amount of rationalisation
will explain away the nuances of Internet routing because they are
convinced tracing is so easy.


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