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Tom Worthington Tom.Worthington at tomw.net.au
Thu Jul 2 08:13:11 AEST 2009

ARTHUR,Evan (Dr) Evan.ARTHUR at deewr.gov.au wrote Mon Jun 29 
11:15:42 EST 2009:
>Tom wrote:
>>Unfortunately the VET and higher education sectors are not 
>>coordinating their e-learning initiatives in Australia
>Well, yes and no.  ... The report also contains the following recommendation:
><< ...cross sectoral working/reference group that focuses on issues 
>such as policy, professional learning, standards and advocacy at 
>national level to support a standards-based approach to e-portfolios 
>across the sectors>>. ...

Yes, there was also a QUT "AeP ePortfolio Project - Final Project 
Report"  (August 2008)  from the university point of view, which also 
suggested university/TAFE cooperation: 

But I haven't see any sign of this cooperation actually happening. 
There are genuine differences in the way vocational and higher 
education people use e-portfolios. This will make cooperation and 
common standards difficult. This is why I suggest the federal 
government needs to tell the sectors there will only be funding for 
work on one common system.

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