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ISOC Member Newsletter
Volume 8 Number 6 - June 2009
Full online version http://isoc.org/wp/newsletter/?m=200906

Internet Society Helps Lead New Global Identity Initiative

The Internet Society has joined with nearly 45 organizations from the 
global identity and Internet communities to launch the Kantara 
Initiative, a new organization formed to solve the harmonization and 
interoperability challenges that currently exist among identity-
enabled enterprise, Web 2.0 and Web-based applications and services. 

J. Trent Adams, outreach specialist, trust & identity, Internet 
Society, has been elected chair of the Kantara Initiative Leadership 

The Internet Society's Trust and Identity initiative recognises that 
in order to be trusted, the Internet must provide channels for secure, 
reliable, private, communication between entities, which can be 
clearly authenticated in a mutually understood manner. The mechanisms 
that provide this level of assurance must support both the end-to-end 
nature of Internet architecture and reasonable means for entities to 
manage and protect their own identity details.

A public webcast on Wednesday, June, 24 at 8:00 am US PT (14:00 UTC)
provided an overview of Kantara Initiative including a review of 
goals, structure and opportunities for all members of the global 
identity community to participate in the organization.

More information on the Internet Society's Trust and Identity 
initiative can be found at:


More information about the Kantara Initiative is available at:



New Organizational Members  Contributed by Drew Dvorshak and Donna McCague

Organizational Membership is pleased to welcome eleven new members to 
ISOC, which joined from January to May. Our new members include 
organizations and companies from several business sectors and many 
areas of the world in keeping with ISOC's global community.

Organizational members have the opportunity to be represented on the 
ISOC Advisory Council (AC), which provides advice and recommendations 
to the ISOC President and Board of Trustees, on any matters of concern 
or interest to the Advisory Council at large or its individual 
organization members.

The AC meets on a frequent basis, with the next meeting scheduled 
during IETF 75 in Stockholm. More details to follow.

New Organizational Members


Arab Regional ISPs and DSPs Association (ARISPA) is an Arab non-

governmental, non-profit organization, set up by a group of Arab 

companies operating in the Internet and communications sector. Their 

primary aim is to create a professional community, interested in 

developing this sector and seeking to realize the interests of these 

companies. They are driven by the public interests of their countries 

and the desire to contribute to promoting an advanced Arab industry in 

the IT and communications sector that can make the Arab World a major 

player and key exporter of the output of this industry in the world. 

Their vision is to act as a leading conglomerate, at the Arab World 

level in the Internet and communication sector to enhance the role of 

the business sector. They contribute towards the creation and 

development of a competitive and advanced Arab IT industry culture 

that can play a vital role in the region's as well as international 

Internet and Communication industry.


CANARIE - Canada

CANARIE Inc., based in Ottawa, is Canada's advanced network 

organization. It facilitates the development and use of its network as 

well as the advanced products, applications, and services that run on 

it. The CANARIE Network serves universities, colleges, schools, 

government labs, research institutes, hospitals, and other 

organizations in a wide variety of fields in both the public and 

private sectors. By promoting and participating in strategic 

collaborations among key sectors, and by partnering with peer networks 

and organizations around the world, CANARIE Inc. stimulates and 

supports research, innovation and growth, bringing economic, social, 

and cultural benefits to Canadians. The national organization was 

created in 1993 by the private sector and academia under the 

leadership of the Government of Canada.


CIRA - Canada

The Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) is a not for 

profit Canadian corporation that is responsible for operating the dot-

ca Internet country code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) as a key public 

resource for all Canadians in an innovative, open, and efficient 

manner. CIRA may carry out other Internet related activities for the 

Canadian community in a similar manner. CIRA was incorporated in 

December 1998 and became the official dot-ca registry on December 1, 

2000. As the administrator of the authoritative Domain Name System 

(DNS) servers for the dot-ca domain, CIRA has a critical role in 

maintaining the integrity and security of the DNS network 

infrastructure in Canada.


CERNET - China

CERNET is China's first and largest national academic Internet 

backbone, and currently the second largest network backbone in China. 

CERNET is supported by the Chinese government and directly managed by 

the Ministry of Education. Its network infrastructure mainly serves 

universities, institutes, colleges, and schools all over the China. 

The end users are professors, researchers, and students. CERNET was 

established in 1994. It provides services for Chinese universities, 

institutes, schools and other non-profit organizations in China, 

including network connection, edu.cn domain name and IP address 

assignment, and educational and research resources and super computing 

services. Since 1995, CERNET organizes member meetings annually, and 

also organized several large international conferences and workshops 

to promote its knowledge and share experiences and ideas.



DinaHosting was established in 2002 as a domain and hosting company 

investing in people and technology with the purpose of helping people, 

companies, and public organizations to materialize their ideas and 

projects, to compete and thrive. It is the largest independent company 

in the domain and hosting business in Spain. DinaHosting provides 

comprehensive Internet services oriented to hosting and ensuring 

effective presence on the Web: they provide a range of hosting and 

domain registration services, oriented to those users who demand 

flexible and secure features. In addition, DinaHosting develops their 

own technology and strives to improve it every time, making sure they 

are able to provide for the day-to-day needs of their clients' 




Huawei is a leader in providng next generation telecommunications 

networks and now serves 36 of the top 50 operators with over one 

billion users worldwide. The company is committed to providing 

innovative and customized products, services, and solutions to create 

long-term value and growth potential for its customers. Huawei's 

products and solutions encompass wireless products including (LTE/HSPA/


WiMAX), core network products (IMS, Mobile Softswitch, NGN), network 

products (FTTx, xDSL, Optical, Routers, LAN Switch), applications and 

software (IN, mobile data service, BOSS), as well as terminals (UMTS/

CDMA). Major products are designed based on Huawei's ASIC chipset and 

utilize shared platforms to provide quality and cost-effective products.


IKM Internet Kaufmarkt GmbH

IKM is one of the leading providers of business directories on the 

Internet. For example, there are available business directories in 

Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, UK, Austria, and Switzerland, all 

compliant with the W3C standards.


Lesotho Communications Authority (LCA)

Lesotho Communications Authority (LCA), formerly Lesotho 

Telecommunications Authority (LTA), is a statutory body established in 

June 2000, with a mandate of regulating the communications sector in 

Lesotho. This mandate entails issuing licenses to operators; promoting 

fair competition; approving tariffs; managing the radio frequency 

spectrum; empowering and protecting consumers; type approving terminal 

equipment; and other related matters.



PokerListings.com is the world's most comprehensive Web site about 

online poker, with in-depth analysis of online poker rooms, details on 

strategy, bonuses, promotions, tournaments, free rolls and the largest 

online poker directory with over 1,000 links. PokerListings.com lists 

and presents over 1,000 Web sites about poker, with an analysis from 

editors. Their clients can make an informed and detailed comparison of 

online poker rooms based on a number of key features.


Skyarch Networks

Skyarch was established in 2001. Its core business includes IT 

consulting, managed hosting service, system integration, and computer 

hardware/software sales. Skyarch's main office is located in Tokyo. It 

holds ISO/IEC27001 Certification. Skyarch's Managed Hosting platform 

runs small to large web hosting environments on Linux or Windows 

operating systems. Their hosting service includes: 24×7x365, full 

suite of managed services available, zero-downtime network and pre-

emptive Microsoft Security Patching. System Integration is run by 

skilled staffs with abundant network-related knowledge and know-how 

and system integration by engineers, trained for leading edge 




Verizon Communications Inc. (Verizon) is a provider of communications 

services. The Company has two primary reportable segments: Domestic 

Wireless and Wireline. Domestic Wireless's products and services 

include wireless voice, data services and other value-added services 

and equipment sales across the United States. Wireline's 

communications services include voice, Internet access, broadband 

video and data, next generation Internet protocol (IP) network 

services, network access, long distance and other services. It 

provides these services to consumers, carriers, businesses and 

government customers both in the United States and internationally in 

150 countries. In August 2008, Verizon announced that Verizon 

Wireless, a joint venture of the Company and Vodafone Group Plc, had 

completed its purchase of Rural Cellular Corporation, doing business 

as Unicel. In January 2009, Verizon Wireless completed its acquisition 

of Alltel Corporation from Atlantis Holdings LLC.


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