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Brenda Aynsley bpa at iss.net.au
Thu Jul 2 09:40:43 AEST 2009

Jan Whitaker wrote:
> from another list:
>> I was listening to Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte in a recent Security 
>> Now podcast, and they were discussing a situation in which the 
>> Windows automatic update had shut down a bunch of computers in a 
>> hospital operating room wing to do updates automatically... 
>> unfortunately it was *during* active surgeries...  then the hospital 
>> turned off the Automatic Updates feature of Windows and ended up 
>> getting infected with a worm...

I'm not an apologist for Microsoft as we all know but I think its 
unfortunate that the company gets blamed for the stupidity of the users 
in engaging in behaviour that permits a worm being introduced.

Sure we can say if MS got the architecture and implementation of their 
software right it couldn't happen, but we know that's not ultimately true.

Imagine in the future that the whole world are linux/'something other 
than windows' users, which currently enjoys a relatively troublefree 
computing existence at present; do you really think that they will 
continue to be trouble free as young hotshots demonstrate their prowess 
at creating mayhem as they do with windows or the more sinister element 
engage in economic disruption at the computer.

I think not,


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