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On Thu, July 2, 2009 11:53 am, Michael Skeggs mike at bystander.net wrote:
> This system is stealing energy from the fuel tanks of the trucks driving
> over the plates.

This response posting from Slash Dot is my favourite:

 by Rakishi (759894)  on Thursday June 18, @03:23AM (#28370527)

So it'd be the same as dropping a giant stone on the plate? Free perpetual
energy? No? Then where is the energy coming from? Remember those pesky
laws that keep perpetual motion machine from working?

The energy doesn't come from gravity but rather from the potential energy
of the car via gravity. The car has to gain that energy from the kinetic
energy of it's engine somehow since nothing is free.

Let's say the plate is 1cm above the ground with no car on it. The car's
engine exert extra energy to raise the car onto that 1cm plate. The plate
then falls and takes that energy from the car by dropping it back to it's
previous height. Had the plate not been there the car would not have used
the gas needed to generate the energy to raise it 1cm against gravity.

Sort of sad how little physics is taught in school nowadays that people
actually believe energy can come from essentially nowhere.


> 2009/7/2 Jan Whitaker <jwhit at melbpc.org.au>
>> weren't we speaking of supermarkets? why not add roads/cars to the mix?
>> ;-)
>> >California-based AEST has developed a
>> ><http://cleantech.com/news/4382/aest-harnessing-kinetic-energy-road>
>> >road plate technology that create electricity when pressure is
>> >applied to it, such as a car driving over it.  A system of 20 of its
>> >plates can generate 10,000 to 12,000 kWh per day and costs
>> >approximately $2.5M USD to deploy.  With power in the U.S. at over
>> >$0.10/kWh, that's a a savings of over $1,000 a day and over $300,000
>> >per year.  At that rate the system will repay itself in just over 6
>> years.
>> >  -------------
>> >
>> http://www.dailytech.com/England+Supermarket+is+Powered+by+Shoppers+Kinetic+Energy/article15476.htm
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