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ARTHUR,Evan (Dr) wrote:
> Markus said <<Standards are good (crucial!), but you shouldn't stretch some standards beyond where they're meant to go.
> Personally I prefer <<The good thing about standards is that there are so many to choose from. (Sorry, Markus I know you have heard it before.)  
> But seriously folks, Markus is on the money as usual.  I don't see anyone in the immediate future forcing the VET system to move away from competency based assessment or the university sector to abandon centuries of attachment to graduated content mastery assessment.  On the other hand some work on standards/specs for back end data handling, templates for presenting mixed source information and federated identity management structures might just help individuals who move between the sectors exert some control over information about themselves held in other people's systems.  

I am happy for the Vet Sector to continue with Competency and Standards - I
would like to know my plumber and electrician are competant.

With regard to the University sector, Universities and the Professions are
competing/collaborating/colluding (depending on your personal preference)
  to gain the status guilds, with a body of knowledge relating to a specific field.
So, I approach my accountant, doctor and lawyer in a different way.

But on what basis should an organisation appoint their Webmaster or System

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