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Sat Jul 4 16:15:29 AEST 2009

Regarding Australian E-portfolios, 

Tom writes:

> > ..This is why I suggest the federal government needs to tell the
> > sectors there will only be funding for work on one common system.

And Marcus writes,
> .. you accept there are genuine differences between the sectors but
> will only encourage one common system??.. a single common system is
> unlikely to solve that. Allowing interoperability where appropriate
> though of course is good, and that is what we should be encouraging.

Am not sure you have read the document Tom referenced, Marcus, before
commenting, or have a clear idea of major purposes of e-portfilios at
least the e-portfolio systems & concepts which have now been in place
in *every* Victorian school for a number of years.

Personally, one has been increasingly annoyed that Vic students create
quite useful e-portfolios regarding their learning achievements, which
are then, as far as I can see, completely ignored by further education 
providers. In other words what could be a wonderful life-long resource
which at least Vic students and schools initiate and create, is wasted

For example,


"Students maintain a digital record of their learning (and for example) 
when investigating ideas & information about design problems, existing 
products systems, materials and production processes, students can use 
visualising thinking tools, such as, electronic graphic organisers and 
circuit simulation software.. and include some of these files in their 
digital portfolio"

So, it is very pleasing to see research which Tom initially referenced
regarding e-portfolios at a minium regarding across our VET continuing 
education sector if not yet Au Unis, is now being seriously considered

What exactly, Marcus, would you disagree with in the proposed research? 

Eg at the site Tom referenced http://flexiblelearning.net.au they note:

 "This roadmap is a national strategic planning tool which is designed
to support the diverse requirements for e-portfolios across the VET
sector and beyond, while identifying the key areas that require national
action to enable learners to utilise their e-portfolio to support 
lifelong learning. 

This roadmap document explains the goals for a collaborative approach to 
e-portfolios in the VET sector and lays out a plan for the national VET 
system to realise these goals ..

As a national strategic planning tool, this roadmap defines a number of 
goals to enable a national approach to e-portfolios across the sector.
Goal 1: Enable portable e-portfolios and associated content to
effectively support learner transitions and lifelong learning. A learner
should be able to access and develop their e-portfolio throughout their
lifelong learning journey.
Goal 2: Enable electronic verification of educational qualifications,
membership of professional associations or trade/occupational licensing
information. The ability to electronically verify evidence will help to
streamline applications for employment, course admissions and recognition
of prior learning processes.

Goal 3: Ensure that personal data is protected and under the control of
the e-portfolio owner. There are legal requirements for privacy which,
along with agreements on ownership of content, need to be clearly
articulated and addressed in e-portfolio implementations.

Goal 4: Ensure key stakeholders, including e-portfolio owners (learners)
and organisations hosting e-portfolios systems, understand their
copyright and intellectual property (IP) obligations. Copyright and IP
considerations can affect the access and usage rights for a range of
different types of e-portfolio content.

Access control
Goal 5: Enable effective authentication methods for third parties seeking
access to sensitive personal information. Effective digital security
facilitates learners’ privacy rights under law, allowing only authorised 
access to protected content and services.

Goal 6: Advocate the availability of suffi  cient web connectivity,
appropriate access devices, and sufficient digital infrastructure. Access
to appropriate infrastructure is required to support widespread adoption
of e-portfolios within the sector.

Goal 7: Establish a shared understanding of storage issues and
requirements for e-portfolios in VET. Storage agreements need to take
into account that some e-portfolio content will be stored in the 
e-portfolio system, whilst some content will be stored in other systems
or on the internet.

Goal 8: Establish a strategic approach to developing effective e
portfolio practice. The uptake of e-portfolios as a teaching, learning
and recognition tool needs to be accompanied through professional
development, adequate business structures and support.

Goal 9: Promote e-portfolio good practice which supports learner
transitions and key national policy drivers such as RPL (recognition of
prior learning) and fast-tracking apprenticeships. E-portfolios provide a
means for presenting a variety of evidence from formal and informal 
learning environments which have been acquired through workplace and life
wide experiences.

Personally, I see e-portfolios perhaps best technically supported across
Australia by EdNA .. and, one would *completely* agree with *all* of the
recommendations in the recent report by the Australian ePortfolio Project


Eg, Recommendation 10  "It is recommended that the Australian Learning
and Teaching Council adopt a leading role to foster and support further
research into the educational benefts of ePortfolio practice."



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