[LINK] Bug leaves NetBank customers in the dark

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> I don't bank with the Commonwealth. If I did, I'd be thinking 
> carefully 
> about maybe moving.
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I don't think moving would help Bernard. It isn't really a bank problem.

> Bug leaves NetBank customers in the dark
> Chris Zappone
> July 3, 2009
> SMH 
> http://business.smh.com.au/business/bug-leaves-netbank-custome
> rs-in-the-dark-20090703-d7qz.html
> ONGOING problems with the Commonwealth Bank's internet 
> banking system, 
> NetBank, which prevented customers from seeing their transaction 
> histories this week, have raised questions about the stability of the 
> bank's IT infrastructure.
> A spokesman said the bank "was working as hard as it can to get the 
> issue resolved as quickly as it can", but offered no time 
> frame for the 
> faults to be repaired.
> The problem emerged on Monday morning amid what the bank said was a 
> possible cyber attack. It said it had since restored service 
> to NetBank 
> customers, although the ability to view past transactions is 
> frequently 
> impaired.

Ummmm. Bug ????

Could it be that the CTB is being bombarded by 25 GB/per sec from
multiple ('000) hosts?
Could it further be that the attacking PC's are in fact users PC's
infected with a malware.
And could it be that Telstra is now filtering said 25 Gbps at the
ingress routers ?
And could this be a dry run on other banks around the world ?
Or could it be like the magicians hand - watch this hand - don't watch
my left hand - watch my right hand......

Suggestion - remove all malware from your disks.


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