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> On 09/07/2009, at 8:48 AM, Bernard Robertson-Dunn quoted Teh Mediaz:
> > Conroy said the Government's aims for ISP-level filtering had not
> > changed - and hinted they are unlikely to be expanded as a result of
> > the
> > report.
> >
> > "Our proposition has always been a modest one - to block child
> > pornography," he said.
> This is, of course, a lie.
> Senator Conroy has kept changing the focus of government's internet
> filtering plans as criticism became more refined, as the redoubtable  
> Irene Graham has thoroughly documented at 
> http://libertus.net/censor/ispfiltering-au-> govplan.html 
> ... and I continue to be astounded that he
> imagines no-one has a  
> memory long enough to realise this.


I don't think you're being fair.
Politics is about giving the voters what they want.
At first The right Honourable thought the wowsers wanted total
He was informed by the moral majority that this was incorrect.
So he changed tact.
In Japan, when an executive loses face, occasionally the ancient
practice of hari kari is still a preferred option to public disgrace.
If Senator Conroy is now going to make that money available to the AFP
for real interdiction, tracking and apprehension
of child molesting offenders, lets allow him to save face and cheer
Senator Conroy for being a politician that listens to his electorate.

/Brown Nose mode off..... 

Besides, he probably had some church women's group whispering in his
wife's ear........

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