[LINK] A call to arms - parallel book imports

Lea de Groot lealink at viking.org.au
Wed Jul 15 16:38:44 AEST 2009

On 15/07/2009, at 3:04 PM, Jan Whitaker wrote:

> Interesting that A&R gave no response. Borders and Barnes and Noble
> aren't on the list at all.

I haven't spoken to the person running booko, but I expect it is  
limited by whom he can get the data from - he may be using APIs[1]  
(probable), or he may be scraping.
If scraping, it gets difficult as the supplier may block him.
Angus & Robertson may be blocking him, so he can't get any data.
Or - they may have changed their API without updating their doco.  
Sadly, this would be typical :(
(or their server may have blipped - but given I got the same thing,  
probably not)

Fishpond looks like the best bet, as they are local - but they say  
they are out of stock. :(

[1] an API - I don't remember what it stands for, but basically its a  
documented way to interface with a dataset - the programmer is given a  
set of functions and parameters and can get data from the suppliers  
database without the overhead of calling each page
Lea de Groot

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