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Fw: Ex-IBM Employee reveals TV Abandoned Analog Band to Make Room fo

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Ex-IBM Employee reveals TV Abandoned Analog Band to Make Room for RFID Chips
Monday, July 13, 2009, 2:52 AM

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Ex-IBM Employee reveals TV Abandoned Analog Band to Make Room for RFID Chips
Posted by sakerfa on July 12, 2009

According to a former 31-year IBM employee, the highly-publicized, 
mandatory switch from analog to digital television is mainly being done 
to free up analog frequencies and make room for scanners used to read 
implantable RFID microchips and track people and products throughout the 

So while the American people, especially those in Texas and other busy 
border states, have been inundated lately with news reports advising 
them to hurry and get their expensive passports, ~Senhanced driver~Rs 
licenses,~T passport cards and other ~Schipped~T or otherwise trackable 
identification devices that they are being forced to own, this digital 
television/RFID connection has been hidden, according to Patrick Redmond.

Redmond, a Canadian, held a variety of jobs at IBM before retiring, 
including working in the company~Rs Toronto lab from 1992 to 2007, then 
in sales support. He has given talks, written a book and produced a DVD 
on the aggressive, growing use of passive, semi-passive and active RFID 
chips (Radio Frequency Identification Devices) implanted in new 
clothing, in items such as Gillette Fusion blades, and in countless 
other products that become one~Rs personal belongings. These RFID chips, 
many of which are as small, or smaller, than the tip of a sharp pencil, 
also are embedded in all new U.S. passports, some medical cards, a 
growing number of credit and debit cards and so on. More than two 
billion of them were sold in 2007.

Whether active, semi-passive or passive, these ~Stransponder chips,~T as 
they~Rre sometimes called, can be accessed or activated with ~Sreaders~T 
that can pick up the unique signal given off by each chip and glean 
information from it on the identity and whereabouts of the product or 
person, depending on design and circumstances, as Redmond explained in a 
little-publicized lecture in Canada last year. AFP just obtained a DVD 
of his talk.

Noted ~SSpychips~T expert, author and radio host Katherine Albrecht told 
AMERICAN FREE PRESS that while she~Rs not totally sure whether there is a 
rock-solid RFID-DTV link, ~SThe purpose of the switch [to digital] was to 
free up bandwidth. It~Rs a pretty wide band, so freeing that up creates a 
huge swath of frequencies.~T

As is generally known, the active chips have an internal power source 
and antenna; these particular chips emit a constant signal. ~SThis allows 
the tag to send signals back to the reader, so if I have a RFID chip on 
me and it has a battery, I can just send a signal to a reader wherever 
it is,~T Redmond stated in the recent lecture, given to the Catholic 
patriot group known as the Pilgrims of Saint Michael, which also is 
known for advocating social credit, a dramatic monetary reform plan to 
end the practice of national governments bringing money into existence 
by borrowing it, with interest, from private central banks. The group~Rs 
publication The Michael Journal advocates having national governments 
create their own money interest-free. It also covers the RFID issue.

~SThe increased use of RFID chips is going to require the increased use 
of the UBF [UHF] spectrum,~T Redmond said, hitting on his essential point 
that TV is going digital for a much different reason than the average 
person assumes, ~SThey are going to stop using the [UHF] and VHF 
frequencies in 2009. Everything is going to go digital (in the U.S.). 
Canada is going to do the same thing.~T

Explaining the unsettling crux of the matter, he continued: ~SThe reason 
they are doing this is that the [UHF-VHF] analog frequencies are being 
used for the chips. They do not want to overload the chips with 
television signals, so the chips~R signals are going to be taking those 
[analog] frequencies. They plan to sell the frequencies to private 
companies and other groups who will use them to monitor the chips.~T

Albrecht responded to that quote only by saying that it sounds 
plausible, since she knows some chips will indeed operate in the UHF-VHF 

~SWell over a million pets have been chipped,~T Redmond said, adding that 
all 31,000 police officers in London have in some manner been chipped as 
well, much to the consternation of some who want that morning donut 
without being tracked. London also can link a RFID chip in a public 
transportation pass with the customer~Rs name. ~SWhere is John Smith? Oh, 
he is on subway car 32,~T Redmond said.

He added that chips for following automobile drivers ~V while the concept 
is being fought by several states in the U.S. which do not want 
nationalized, trackable driver~Rs licenses (Real ID ) ~V is apparently a 
slam dunk in Canada, where license plates have quietly been chipped. 
Such identification tags can contain work history, education, religion, 
ethnicity, reproductive history and much more.

Farm animals are increasingly being chipped; furthermore, ~SSome 800 
hospitals in the U.S. are now chipping their patients; you can turn it 
down, but it~Rs available,~T he said, adding: ~SFour hospitals in Puerto 
Rico have put them in the arms of Alzheimer~Rs patients, and it only 
costs about $200 per person.~T
VeriChip, a major chip maker (the devices sometimes also are called 
Spychips) describes its product on its website: ~SAbout twice the length 
of a grain of rice, the device is typically implanted above the triceps 
area of an individual~Rs right arm. Once scanned at the proper frequency, 
the VeriChip responds with a unique 16 digit number which could be then 
linked with information about the user held on a database for identity 
verification, medical records access and other uses. The insertion 
procedure is performed under local anesthetic in a physician~Rs office 
and once inserted, is invisible to the naked eye. As an implanted device 
used for identification by a third party, it has generated controversy 
and debate.~T

The circles will keep widening, Redmond predicts. Chipping children ~Sto 
be able to protect them,~T Redmond said, ~Sis being promoted in the 
media.~T After that, he believes it will come to: chip the military, chip 
welfare cheats, chip criminals, chip workers who are goofing off, chip 
pensioners ~V and then chip everyone else under whatever rationale is 
cited by government and highly-protected corporations that stand to make 
billions of dollars from this technology. Meanwhile, the concept is 
marketed by a corporate media that, far from being a watchdog of the 
surveillance state, is part of it, much like the media give free 
publicity to human vaccination programs without critical analysis on 
possible dangers and side effects of the vaccines.

~SThat~Rs the first time I have heard of it,~T a Federal Communications 
Commission official claimed, when AFP asked him about the RFID-DTV issue 
on June 2. Preferring anonymity, he added: ~SI am not at all aware of 
that being a cause (of going to DTV).~T

~SNigel Gilbert of the Royal Academy of Engineering said that by 2011 you 
should be able to go on Google and find out where someone is at anytime 
from chips on clothing, in cars, in cellphones and inside many people 
themselves,~T Redmond also said.

To read Redmond~Rs full lecture, go to this online link:

Full Lecture ~V Click Here

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