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A fellow APF board member brought this to my attention. Linkers may 
be interested.
>Submissions closed 26 June but there is only one obscure one posted 
>on the website, and they don't appear to have held any hearings

Did any linkers look at this?

The single submission presented is a case study in the problems that 
are happening. None of this will be news to Linkers, but if you are 
teaching a course, this is a survey of them all in one place.

It's actually quite comprehensive in terms of real experiences. That 
it comes from a strangely named organisation shouldn't dissuade 
whoever reads it because what this guy is describing is the same 
thing that each of us experience on a daily basis. Note that there is 
mention of his 76 y.o. wife, so this guy's not a spring chicken. He 
complains about poor government information management, poor response 
by the banks, poor action by computer vendors, stalking debt 
collectors, Australia Post, lots about misuse of Cookies, just to 
name a few, all with personal examples! This guy has really created a 
grassroots view of what is actually happening.


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