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At 09:39 AM 22/07/2009, Jan Whitaker you wrote:
>Linker may be interested in these messages I sent to B&N and adjust
>your systems accordingly if you want to 'play' with them.

More hints:
1. If you go to the ebooks page, 
http://www.barnesandnoble.com/ebooks/index.asp , and drop down a bit, 
there is an Enjoy Free Ebooks section.
2. If you download samples of the B&N samples, all you get is 
biographical information about the author. The samples are crap 
unless you're after the bio.
3. Sort by price and all the freebies come to the top. They say they 
are Free google books, which are the public domain ones that google 
books got from the university libraries. Unfortunately, these are the 
ones that are blocked to Australia at the moment. I can see that 
friends in the US could download the files and then forward to you. 
You can load book files from any directory.
4. The 'free' Meriam Webster dictionary is awful. I have a better 
reference tool called WordWeb that is much better.
5. The book reader is ok. I have no experience with others. You can 
change the look, including font and font size, paper, colours, add 
bookmarks, take notes.


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