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At 10:20 AM 22/07/2009, Jan Whitaker wrote:
> >Linker may be interested in these messages I sent to B&N and adjust
> >your systems accordingly if you want to 'play' with them.

More bad news:

Even MORE technical difficulties.

I encountered another problem with the ereader. If I am unable to 
connect to the network, or deny access, the system crashes. I get a 
popup that says: the program is trying to connect to 
cart2.barnesandnoble.com. If I tell my firewall, no, do not connect, 
there is an error message that says a 'secure network connection 
could not be made, please verify your network connection and try again.'

then the entire program disappears or locks up. My cursor even 
disappeared so I was unable to directly close the hung program and 
had to do with Windows Explorer.

If I am unable to read ebooks without a network connection, what good 
is this program?

I am getter even more annoyed.

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