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Several recent Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) announcements which may
be of some interest to Linkers .. http://www.australianinvestor.com.au


[TEY] Parachilna Drilling Returns Promising  24-Jul-2009

Torrens Energy has reported that intermediary depth validation drilling 
at its most advanced geothermal play, the Parachilna Project South 
Australia, has returned promising preliminary temperature results. 

The company has reported that preliminary Parachilna drilling at 1653 
metres has returned highly favourable results. 

Drilling at the target has been supported by $3 million in REDI matched 
government funding. 


[WHN] WHL Energy Update on Wind Farm Operations  24-Jul-2009

WHL Energy has received several offers for the future development of its 
three wind farm projects in Scotland.

Offers have been received from major European wind farm operators to form 
a joint venture agreement to develop various wind farm assets.

Due diligence on the projects is being carried out by them and will be 
completed within the next 7 weeks.


[MKB] Signs new US carrier deal with ATandT 24-Jul-2009

MOKO.mobi Limited has secured a deal to launch MOKO Music on select AT&T 
mobile handsets.

The MOKO.mobi mobile Chat & Share platform’s latest development now 
includes an enhanced music community which enables users to search and 
discover, refer, and buy full-length music tracks, ring tones, and answer 
tones, all from their mobile handset.

This deal comes in line with the company’s plans to move into the US 


[ISK] ISK Water Making Machines set for Italy, Greece and Nigeria 

Island Sky Australia Limited has signed two new distribution agreements 
which will see its unique “air to water” making machines distributed in 
Italy, Greece and Nigeria. 

The Skywater® machines are to be distributed by Veragon Italia SRL in 
Italy and Greece and Morbell Investment Solutions in Nigeria. 

The two new deals over the three year term are valued at approximately 
$US17 million. 


[GNC] Graincorp Warehousing Integration with CLEAR 22-Jul-2009

GrainCorp has confirmed that an agreement has been reached with CLEAR to 
integrate the GrainCorp online warehousing system and the CLEAR online 
grain exchange.

A target to go live date has been set for October 2009. 

The integration will allow growers with grain in warehousing at the 
GrainCorp site to sell that grain through CLEAR at the time their 
delivery tickets become available within the GrainCorp online stock 


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