[LINK] DNS outage?

Jan Whitaker jwhit at melbpc.org.au
Wed Jul 29 09:43:10 AEST 2009

At 09:33 AM 29/07/2009, Stilgherrian wrote:
>Indeed, I tend to agree with that sort of network decision. On the
>Internet, you're only responsible for the operation of your own
>network and how it connects to your peers. What happens inside someone
>else's network -- which includes the backbone links -- is not your
>problem and none of your business.

I must disagree here. Ping/trace is a tool to find out where things 
are stopping. If it's in the street, then I can tell. If it's at the 
Melbourne switch, I know it's probably recognised by the company, 
whereas my street break may not be. If it stops at my modem, time to 
reboot. If I can get all the way through to my overseas hosted site 
for mail, but my website isn't responding, tells me there's something 
else wrong. Why should a CARRIER decide if I can make my way to a 
server that is not part of their control whatsoever?

What you describe may have been true for voice, but not for data. 
There are too many points of failure along the way.


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