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On Wed, Jul 29, 2009 at 3:43 PM, Kim Holburn <kim at holburn.net> wrote:

> On 2009/Jul/29, at 1:40 AM, Rick Welykochy wrote:
> > Stilgherrian wrote:
> >
> >> block such attempts to do reconnaissance like that, for security
> >> reasons, as someone said earlier.

Reconnaisance is but one of the threats that paranoid security professionals
attempt to protect against. Personally, it is one of the least important
ones - I prefer to provide diagnostic/availability capabilities even if I
have to allow specific host discovery weaknesses.

The other risks associated with ICMP, however, are of much greater concern.

> > Have there been any exploits or attacks based on ICMP, for example?
> DDoS, ping of death?

 Here are a few examples.

Some examples of deliberately hostile things done with VALID ICMP messages:
 - Malicious source-quench (ICMP has a "Slow-Down you B*st*rd, I'm Full"
 - Traffic redirection (ICMP supplies a "you need to go here to get there"
 - Traffic Blocking (ICMP can say "Stop - that doesn't exist here", and "You
can't get there from here")

Some information that can be gleaned from ICMP messages:
 - what time zone are you in?
 - What is you network mask?
 - Are you a router? (Where do you connect?)
 - What is your domain name?

Some examples of deliberate misuse of (occasionally valid) ICMP messages:
 - Telnet over ICMP-Echo
    (Yes - you CAN do interactive network traffic over ping! -
     I have personal experience of this in an attack scenario as far back as
     - and more than once since)
 - correctly formed large ICMP-Echo causing system failure
   ("Ping of Death" & DoS attacks)
 - malformed and/or mis-ordered ICMP-echo causing firewall or IDS/IPS
   (usually as an "out-of-state session reconstruction" attack.
   This can frequently cause monitoring systems to fail.)
 - malformed ICMP-Port Unavailable messages
   (source=destination=target can cause service or system failures)

> Often ping is allowed for public servers.

Yes - this should, however, be enabled with knowledge of the associated
risks :-)
(Ahhh damn - there I go, showing my Risk Management colours again.)

My professional advice is usually:
 - Allow the following by specific rule:
   ICMP-Echo-Request (to your protected services from *)
   ICMP-Echo-Reply (from your protected services to * - Statefully applied
if possible)
   ICMP & UDP traceroute (both ways, but in separate rules - preferably
prevent your firewall/load-balancer from participating)
  ICMP-Destination Unreachable (to your protected system & access control
devices -**under discussion**-)
    Usually required for PMTUd (Path MTU discovery - MTU=Maximum
Transmittable Unit)
- Block all other ICMP.


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