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> Pia Waugh wrote:
> > 
> > This is also a bit of an experiment in open government, we 
> are trying 
> > to get ideas all posted publicly for public discussion and 
> feedback. 
> > Soon down the track we will add threading to the comments 
> on Senator 
> > Lundy's blog for more peer review of comments (we just need to make 
> > some theme changes) and will likely add other features like rating. 
> > This combined with engaging Twitter as the main medium for 
> discussion 
> > and feedback means we will hopefully have a pretty open discussion, 
> > and people should be able to participate as easily online as in 
> > person.
> > 
> would someone explain to me how you can have a 'discussion' that is 
> comprised of 140 characters?
> I have just started an ACS SA Branch twitter offering 
> twitter.com/acssabranch, in which I hope members and non members will 
> provide feedback and comment.  My purpose was to engage with members 
> through publicising the activity that happens in the branch, 
> and I cant 
> see how I could use it for 'discussions'.  Then again I am an 
> ingenue in 
> this brave new world, so enlightenment is welcome in 140 
> characters or 
> more ;)
> cheers
> brenda

Actually Brenda, you are possibly quite correct.

Empirical research is showing that 60% of twitter users drop off after a
month through lack of interest and too many distractions - never to

Whilst I am not saying there isnt a place for twitter - it could only be
used Telegram style and therefore not really be a capable open forum
useable technology.

For surface feeders - ideal technology. For D&M's - highly doubtful
(IMHO) that any meaningful nuances can be explored philosophically in
only 140 Chars.

Although - from a debate perspective it keeps rants to a minimum. 

Possibly Twitter is an anti-Koltai defence technology.....


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