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> > would someone explain to me how you can have a 'discussion' that is
> > comprised of 140 characters?
> It's more like IRC than a mailing list.
> Of course the analogy breaks down because the "follow" 
> relationship can be assymetric so everyone's view can be, and 
> usually is, unique.
> cheers
> Martin

So like IRC - it is likely to be full of misunderstandings with people
replying to the wrong post out of sequence.

I see.

I find it extraordinary that Twitter can be seriously adopted as a
discussion forum technology.
But I await the outcome of Wednesdays discussions before passing

I think the frustration level of 140 Characters will result in a lack of
sunbstantive constructive useable Internet feedback.

But I am sure that either way - the result will be an amazing success,
at least politically.


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