[LINK] Twitter drop-off rates (was Re: Forum on high speed bandwidth in Australia - this Thursday)

Peter Bowditch peter at ratbags.com
Mon May 4 21:19:16 AEST 2009

Stil said:

> People who DO start using Twitter properly soon move from
>      using the website to using client software

My friends said Twitter was immensely useful.

I have tried two clients so far.

1) Pwytter - excellent, but after I shut it down it won't start again. It 
tells me it can't find a particular file. As I can find it, I don't think 
I want to use software dumber than me. Or software which can only be 
started once.

2) Blu - fabulous interface appearance, only runs on Vista (except that 
what the developers really mean is that it requires .NET 3.5 and will 
therefore run in XP). Shows the last 6 messages to come in (actually 5.9, 
because the bottom one fades into the Vistaish transparency), so I have to 
have it on top and watch it in case I miss something. Apparently I can 
declare some of the people I follow to be "faves", but what this means is 
not clear.

I also tried the Facebook plugin, which seems to do nothing that can't be 
done on the Twitter site (except it looks a bit better) but is probably 
useful for people who live in Facebook all day.

I am loath to use any of the Adobe AIR-based clients because I don't feel 
any nostalgia for the days when you had to reboot every second day to keep 
Windows working at an acceptable speed.

I suppose I will just have to be one of those old fogeys who checks in a 
couple of times a day to see if anybody is tweeting me. Much like I do 
with email, the voicemail on my phone. the letterbox near the front gate, 

While I've got you here - I had hashbrowns for dinner, it's dark outside, 
the dog sneezed twice and we have run out of ice cream. That saved me 
tweeting you all.

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