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Pia Waugh greebo at pipka.org
Tue May 5 02:55:58 AEST 2009

Hi Brenda,

<quote who="Brenda Aynsley">

> would someone explain to me how you can have a 'discussion' that is  
> comprised of 140 characters?

The good thing about 140 characters is it that is gets people to link off to
longer thoughts (blogs and the like) but actually talk on the day about what
is being presented as it is being presented. People can add their blog
links, papers, and the like to the comments for reading prior to the event,
but the "discussion" happening on the day is concise, realtime responses
online. We may move to IRC if it doesn't work out with Twitter, but
apparently it worked really nicely at another recent conf, so we'll see :)

> I have just started an ACS SA Branch twitter offering  
> twitter.com/acssabranch, in which I hope members and non members will  
> provide feedback and comment.  My purpose was to engage with members  
> through publicising the activity that happens in the branch, and I cant  
> see how I could use it for 'discussions'.  Then again I am an ingenue in  
> this brave new world, so enlightenment is welcome in 140 characters or  
> more ;)

Heh :) We can all experiment together. Discussions are easily followed by
everyone using the same tag, and following the tag #publicsphere, so they'll
see what other twitter and be able to comment on what is being presented
while also responding to other's comments. It ends up being a lot better for
broad participation (synchronous if you will), and certainly better for
remote participation than face to face discussions.


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