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Pia Waugh greebo at pipka.org
Tue May 5 11:30:32 AEST 2009

Hi Jim,

<quote who="Birch, Jim">

> Isn't the volume charging problem tied to the high cost of accessing the
> US internet?  AFAIK (maybe someone could set me straight) ISP's can
> source internal or peered content very cheaply but need to pay
> significant dollars for external, especially US content (including dumb
> stuff like MS updates), so the volume limits and per Mb rates are based
> on users accessing US content, which is kinda what's actually done now.
> If we our national system was much faster, local or locally mirrored
> content and sites would get an advantage in speed/responsiveness.  If
> changing was differential, or local content was uncharged, the impact
> would be greater. 
> The national network would provide a real boost for local services and
> locally hosted services if the cost model is done right.  If it's a flat
> rate, it will make for faster contention on the US links.

I totally agree. Would you mind reporting your 2c on the comments of the
blog post so it can be compiled into the briefing paper. I also think there
are opportunities for local industry with faster networks.
> BTW does "high speed bandwidth" mean that the bandwidth is coming to you
> at a high speed or something?

Heh, like a train! I guess I used that term because the current bandwidth
potential is relatively slow, and the potential of speed on fibre is much
higher. Could have chosen better words though.


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