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Stil writes,

> I'm guessing (hoping? imagining?) that a Mac's default of Safari and  
> Quicktime will do the trick. Stil

Hey Stil, do you know that you are quoted in a Microsoft sponsored ad? :)


Be that as it may and although our first Pia/Kate event is certainly most
exciting, (and it's *great* to know that George/ANU/Link are helping this
important Aussie first) life does go on. That's a long way of saying that
it seems worthwhile to perhaps remind people that there is another Aussie
effort which may indeed be of interest, and worthy of support .. "Crikey" 

“Crikey .. now with extra source”

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> Date:   6 May 2009 17:58:54 +1000 
> Subject:   Crikey Squatter Edition: Countdown To Budget; Monthly Saga
             Continues; Housing 


Dear Squatter, 

Here's your selection of unlocked stories from Crikey's Subscriber edition

Combet has learned quickly, writes Bernard Keane - no matter what the 
question, the answer involves the Liberals; Gideon Haigh weighs in on the 
saga surrounding The Monthly; Glenn Dyer looks at just how far house 
prices have fallen in the past twelve months and much more. 

And in other news; Crikey has changed its website -- quite a lot – and 
the changes are more than the merely cosmetic. So this is something we 
need to talk about.

You'll notice that we'll be running a lot of material from other sources; 
we’ve even changed our Crikey tagline. 

“Now with extra source” is the new one and that’s what our new site will 
be full of, the best of the web. 

Visitors will get a taste of our Crikey originals too of course, though 
we’ll still be keeping most of our original material under wraps for our 
Daily Mail subscribers . No change there. 

The new site has lots of nifty new features - galleries, archives, a 
search function that works! 

Spend some time looking around - you won't be disappointed. And if you 
get stuck, visit our handy help page. 

We believe that Crikey is more than just a daily independent, online news 

We think Crikey is a point of view, a filter, a perspective, a way of 
seeing the world. We also believe that working with the internet is all 
about embracing the stuff that other people do. There’s no ego in this. 

Sometimes a story that Crikey people have written will be a big thing on 
our website. More often it will be a story, or a video, or a podcast, or 
an interconnected series of animated infographics from some other source. 

What we’re hoping to do is bring it all together in one place. It’s 
ambitious, it will keep us busy, but we hope you will be intrigued, 
informed, sometimes even excited and amazed, by the choices that we make. 

We want to present a world view to you, and we’re big enough to realize 
that view can only be enhanced if we take in little bits of all that 
there is to see.

It’s an exciting prospect, something that is almost unique in 
contemporary internet publishing. 

And it's yours to enjoy. 

1. Combet fudging the carbon tax question read below
2. Gideon Haigh: Manne relishes controversy, Warhaft does not read below
3. It’s official: house prices falling off a cliff read below
4. Time for MDs to get out of bed with drug companies read below
5. Budget countdown: ASIO growth freeze imminent? read below

PLUS: a Vintage First Dog on the Moon cartoon view below

To get 25 stories just like these every weekday, subscribe to Crikey today


The Crikey Crew 

Some of the stories you've missed this week in our subscriber edition:

1. Trial by jury: Is it outdated for criminal cases? by Greg Barns
2. Rudd's bonus stimulating the world's backpackers by Bernard Keane
3. Swine Flu - the dangers of overreacting by Dr Clair Hooker
4. Found: Sydney's biggest illegal brothel  by Chris Seage
5. Rundle: David Souter - the Republican's Democrat

(Follows .. heaps of stuff ..)



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