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On 06/05/2009, at 7:23 PM, stephen at melbpc.org.au wrote:
> Hey Stil, do you know that you are quoted in a Microsoft sponsored  
> ad? :)
> http://ad.au.doubleclick.net/ad/newsletter.crikey.com.au/daily;newsltr=dai
> ly;pos=1;date=06052009;sz=300x250;ord=633640798006875000?

I did know, yes. :)

Microsoft is sponsoring Crikey to do a series of videos about Teh  
Future™, which are being called "Crikey Conversations".

The first was me interviewing futurist Mark Pesce, "Imagining the  
Internet in 2020", although we really rambled off into social themes  
rather than technical in a half-hour chat.

I notice that the second in the series was posted yesterday.  
"Technology in Education" is a chat with David Loader, who at  
Melbourne’s Methodist Ladies College in the 1980s introduced his  
students to laptop computers. A world first, it says here -- though I  
haven't watched it yet.

I was paid to conduct the interview, should anyone be wondering. I  
charged Crikey my standard "doing media stuff" rate. However Microsoft  
had precisely zero input into the content.

> Be that as it may and although our first Pia/Kate event is certainly  
> most
> exciting, (and it's *great* to know that George/ANU/Link are helping  
> this
> important Aussie first) life does go on. That's a long way of saying  
> that
> it seems worthwhile to perhaps remind people that there is another  
> Aussie
> effort which may indeed be of interest, and worthy of support ..  
> "Crikey"
> “Crikey .. now with extra source”

Yes, the new Crikey website was deployed across the weekend. It's now  
in WordPress with a bunch of material from other sources as well as  
Crikey's original content. I'm assuming commenting is easier, too, but  
I haven't had a chance to explore yet.

Besides, I can't really pimp Crikey. That would be a terrible,  
terrible conflict of interest. ;)


Linking isn't pimping, right?


So you're not actually supporting Crikey by, like, *paying* for it,  
Stephen? ;)


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