[LINK] Public Sphere #1 High Bandwidth for Australia Live from Canberra

Tom Worthington Tom.Worthington at tomw.net.au
Thu May 7 09:20:05 AEST 2009

Greetings from "Public Sphere #1 - High Bandwidth for Australia". This
is happening in the famous room N101 at the ANU College of Engineering
and Computer Science in Canberra and online, via Twitter #publicsphere
and Video streaming. I am speaking about broadband and social media to
combat climate change shortly.

Links in my Blog:


Pre-recorded sessions marked with an *

    * 0830 Coffee at the Purple Pickle next door to venue
    * 0900 Introduction and comments - Senator Lundy
    * 0910 The ‘unexplored country’ we will be entering with high speed
    broadband - Craig Thomler. Presentation slides.
    * 0920 Green ICT - Tom Worthington. Presentation slides
    * 0930 Building a Smarter Planet - what is happening in the digital
    world to build a digital economy and the imperative that we harness
    technology to position Australia for the challenges it is facing -
    Judy Anderson (IBM)
    * 0940 Opportunities for online collaboration over long distances
    with high speed broadband * - James Purser. Presentation video file,
    on Youtube and presentation slides.
    * 1000 Public empowerment through public engagement with government
    at all levels - Stephen Collins. Presentation Paper.
    * 1010 Citizen engagement and community participation online: The
    Canadian experience - Michael De Percy. Presentation slides.
    * 1020 Government service delivery in the new contexts of (a)
    broadband, (b) highly diverse access devices, (c) highly diverse
    patterns of use, and (d) highly diverse human needs - Roger Clarke.
    Presentation paper.
    * 1030 Short coffee break
    * 1040 Rural and regional accessibility in regard to accessing
    agricultural and environmental information for those working on
    research and on-ground change - Nerida Hart
    * 1050 Personal Publishing, Archival and the Consequences of
    Upstream (bandwidth) - Jeff Waugh
    * 1100 Online video publishing possibilities and technology needs -
    Dr Silvia Pfeiffer
    * 1110 Privacy and filtering * - David Vaile
    * 1120 The successfully rollout of FTTH in an Australian regional
    town and how it expands towns with populations of a few hundred, to
    hundreds of thounsands. Also the economic modeling required - Adrian
    * 1130 High Bandwidth - getting things done: particularly in respect
    to dealing with complex real world problems, emergency management
    and dealing with skills shortages. This is relevant to both the
    commercial and community sectors - James Dellow
    * 1140 Brief presentation on perspectives put forward on the blog
    for comment - Pia Waugh
    * 1155 Thanks and close of event
  Tom Worthington FACS HLM
  PO Box 13, Belconnen ACT 2617, Australia

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