[LINK] It's nearly the weekend. - Australian Government Protects its Toilet Database against Terrorist P2P Attack.

Tom Koltai tomk at unwired.com.au
Thu May 7 17:39:43 AEST 2009

I regret being unable to particiapte in the Publicshere#1 live. But I
got to watch the recorded version. (am still)

Particularly enjoyed James Dellow's revelation
.. So I blogged about it.

Australian Government Protects its Toilet Database against Terrorist P2P
One of the presenters on today’s Public Sphere #1
or-australia/>  talked about the Governments Toilet Database – which had
no API for open access by other information developers – in fact the
Copyrtight page deliberately prevents any reuse of the work except by
pointing to it with a url.
F***** Me. What is so special about a database of Toilets
“Pssst Meester, I have a DVD of all the toilet locations in Australia –
how much will you give me for it.”

NOTHING! But the Government obviously thinks its worthwhile.

A few years ago there were the risqué faxes that used to do the rounds –
About the Peter Tax
.. Well obviously the Toilet Database will be
monetized in the future by the “Urgency stress factor” of the inquirer –
if he punches his phone keys really hard – then he’s desperate to go
Lets charge him five bucks to let him know where the closest toilet is.

When Copyright is invoked on a database of the Nations Toilets – we know
we need new copyright law and we know that the Government has no bloody
idea about what is valuable and what is not.

BTW – these are the same guys that are deciding how to spend your tax



I actually blogged about other things too, but I see that linkers have
covered it quite well.
But I would like to leave you with my parting comments on todays

Thank-you Kate Lundy – A true Democrat. 
(Ummmm, yes I know 
.. but forget political parties for the moment –
think of the process – I know it’s hard – we have never had it before; a
Government that asks for our opinion – Shotgun Referendums don’t count,
they are rigged based on polls).

Blog here -->Democracy Finally Arrives in Australian Politics.

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