[LINK] FW: FW: FW: Australia's online history 'facing extinction'

Danny Yee danny at anatomy.usyd.edu.au
Fri May 8 09:29:31 AEST 2009

Paul Koerbin wrote:
[details of NLA's current archiving]

It sounds like you guys are doing a pretty good job, given limited
resourcing and possible legal issues!  

I'm wondering if there isn't some way to get web site creators/managers
involved in the archiving process, perhaps by using some kind of page
metadata information.  (One of my overseas-hosted .com web sites is
included in the selective Pandora system, like Stilgherrian's, but I
have another that is not.)  I guess there might be room for abuse here,
but I'd have thought the commercial benefits to being included in a
(currently) inaccessible archive were so low that there wouldn't be
much incentive for random sites to pretend to be Australian.

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