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Jan Whitaker jwhit at melbpc.org.au
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At 08:53 AM 8/05/2009, Tom Koltai wrote:
>Live streaming :
>I suggest Split screen four windows.

I disagree. As someone who watched the stream in the original form 
and at the lower 'speed' quite easily [no way I could access a 2mb 
data stream on a 518kb(?) line], dividing the screen any further 
would have made the entire feed unusable except for audio. Do what 
you want with large screen environments in the room or adjoining 
rooms, but please don't split screens for the general end use. I 
tried a double screen size, but the images weren't sharp enough. Yes, 
it would have given me screen size to have a split screen, but the 
blurry graphics would have made them unusable.

If you want to have streams of the various feeds, feel free, but it's 
not an elegant bandwidth use solution to use a 256+ channel for text.

There were people who chose the higher definition feeds option and 
then complained that they used up their daily data quota. Well, duh.

Tom, not everyone has a multi-screen control console on their desks. 
You gotta learn to think like us plebs out in the burbs.


>Screen 1:  Presentation sans comment.
>Screen 2:  HTML Relevent Moderated Tweets shown - (Synching provided by
>time stamps)
>Screen 3:  HTML (Open Source Chat Room) All tweets shown - Synching
>(Time stamp minus 360 nanoseconds per character)
>Screen 4:  HTML - Speaker relevant slides synced by the speakers slide
>activation - With URL info fro retrieval of presentation materials.
>In this way public engagement will increase and the true multimedia
>nature of the event will allow an accurate measure of public sentiment
>offering the Government a valuable feedback channel - that will
>hopefully next time be recorded for posterity with relevent sound/visual
>bites being released to the press.

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