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> >Live streaming :
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> >I suggest Split screen four windows.
> I disagree. As someone who watched the stream in the original form 
> and at the lower 'speed' quite easily [no way I could access a 2mb 
> data stream on a 518kb(?) line], dividing the screen any further 
> would have made the entire feed unusable except for audio. Do what 
> you want with large screen environments in the room or adjoining 
> rooms, but please don't split screens for the general end use. I 
> tried a double screen size, but the images weren't sharp enough. Yes, 
> it would have given me screen size to have a split screen, but the 
> blurry graphics would have made them unusable.
> If you want to have streams of the various feeds, feel free, but it's 
> not an elegant bandwidth use solution to use a 256+ channel for text.
> There were people who chose the higher definition feeds option and 
> then complained that they used up their daily data quota. Well, duh.
> Tom, not everyone has a multi-screen control console on their desks. 
> You gotta learn to think like us plebs out in the burbs.

Actually Jan - the other three screens would be in a frame. The idea
being that viewers engage the level of content they want or need or have
bandwidth for. Im sorry I didn't make that clear.
Basically four firefox windows - only one of which would be a bandwidth
hog. The others being light traffic - equal to a MSN session or static
url page

The user has the option of floating just the video - or the video stream
plus tweet or the video plus presentation slides or.......

But Im not recommmending this for Explorer users.... Heh heh.

Total bandwidth would be Video 356 Kb + Tweet Window 2.5 Kb + Powerpoint
window 20 Kb + URL Window .05 Kb

Under 380 Kb.


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