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Stilgherrian stil at stilgherrian.com
Sat May 9 09:27:36 AEST 2009

On 09/05/2009, at 3:36 AM, Kim Davies wrote:
> It is the same technology as ENUM (i.e. NAPTR records in the DNS),
> except instead of being tied to a telephone number, it is tied to a
> .tel domain. Upside is no regulatory quagmire as with telephone number
> assignments, downside is its another identifier to remember with a  
> lack
> of a killer app to spur adoption.

The "killer app" is not for the en domain-holder but the domain- 
seller: Yet another .X which they can convince corporations' lawyers  
to spend money on to "protect the brand".

Already we have domain-sellers telling us we need to register  
example.com and example.net and example.com.au and example.biz and  
example.info and whatever else they invent so no-one else can use  
them. And yet, increasingly people don't use URLs directly but just  
type the company name into Teh Googlez. The underlying URLs are  
gradually disappearing.

In short, inventing new GTLDs is a scam.


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