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Josh Rowe josh at email.nu
Sat May 9 09:57:34 AEST 2009

On Sat, May 09, 2009 at 09:27:36AM +1000, Stilgherrian wrote:


> Already we have domain-sellers telling us we need to register  
> example.com and example.net and example.com.au and example.biz and  
> example.info and whatever else they invent so no-one else can use  
> them. And yet, increasingly people don't use URLs directly but just  
> type the company name into Teh Googlez. The underlying URLs are  
> gradually disappearing.
> In short, inventing new GTLDs is a scam.
> Stil

It is not correct to say that search engines are replacing domain names as a way for end users to find things on the Internet.

My (soon to be published) masters research thesis includes references to studies which found that:

- End users use domain names to assess the credibility of a destination (Nielsen, 1999)
- End users spent between 22% to 25% of their time looking at the domain name in search engine results (Cutrell & Guan, 2007)

The references will be available in the full published version:

Improving Internet Usability - A Framework For Domain Name Policy Evaluation


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