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Lea de Groot lealink at viking.org.au
Sat May 9 10:16:34 AEST 2009

On 09/05/2009, at 9:27 AM, Stilgherrian wrote:

> Already we have domain-sellers telling us we need to register
> example.com and example.net and example.com.au and example.biz and
> example.info and whatever else they invent so no-one else can use
> them.

When I have a client newly getting their domain (yes, there are still  
some newbies out there - amazing! :)), I have them get the .com.au and  
the ,com.
Nothing else - everything else is crap.
Really, if they have the .com.au (and they are an Australian business)  
they don't need the .com, but I have them get it and 301 to  
the .com.au for 3 reasons:
1. So that if silly visitor forgets the .au they still reach the  
correct site.
2. So that some nasty domain squatter can't grab and it put OMG!!! on  
it to try to force the purchase at an inflated price. I don't do this  
if its already inflated, generally.
3. For a little cachet. .com is still the preeminent TLD, but this is  
a really minimal reason.

> And yet, increasingly people don't use URLs directly but just
> type the company name into Teh Googlez. The underlying URLs are
> gradually disappearing.

I would have said reduced, but with a non-minimising curve; less  
important but not gone away, or the domainers would be out of business.

Lea de Groot
Elysian Systems
Brisbane, .au

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