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> On 09/05/2009, at 10:02 AM, Tom Koltai wrote:
> > The .au TLD is poorly represented because (I think quite rightly)
> > Robert
> > Elz decided to not allow exhtortionist cyber squatters by 
> demanding a
> > proof of pty ltd registration.
> > However - the administrative costs have forced a lot of small SOHO
> > business to subsequentely register in other registries.
> Agree with the history, but I think now, with the .au administrative  
> problems sorted out, the pricing is comparable... that is to say,  
> infinitesimal.
> IMO, if a business can't afford the extra $10 or whatever for  
> a .com.au over a .au, then they're not going to be in business very  
> long.

I was referring to the 8 year requirement [insitu before being altered]
to have a pty ltd or Australian BRN first - not the price difference in

And Stil - I gotta say - I once started a business with a jar full of 2
cent and 1 cent pieces. The business would have known the $10.00

The business turned out to be successful for two and half years after
which I went into the video and computer business......

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