[LINK] o/t red light now also speed cameras?

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On 2009/May/08, at 5:14 PM, stephen at melbpc.org.au wrote:

> Don't know if this is breaking any law, and, one certainly thinks not.
> Family members sent this with no other info. No guarantees re veracity

Tomtoms can get camera data at least in the UK.  I'm not sure about  
Australia.  Costs money though.

It has always seemed a kind of knee-jerk self-defeating reaction that  
radar detectors are banned in Australia.  I just think that the police  
could so easily use them against their owners.  It would be incredibly  
easy to set up radar emitters in lots of places and then the owners of  
radar detectors would slow down in those places.  It depends I suppose  
if the most important consideration is to get people to slow down or  
to make money and get retribution against people who disobey.

> --
> Melbourne's New Super Cameras. www.ceos.com.au/products/tirtl-content.htm
> Victoria Police, and the Dept of Justice, announce 30 non-fixed red  
> light
> cameras around Melbourne will become fixed, digital and upgraded to  
> catch
> speeding drivers.

There are red light cameras in Canberra and AFAIK they have always  
been speed cameras as well.

> http://www.ceos.com.au/products/tirtl-content.htm


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