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There is a new Kindle version that is larger. This article from 
Publisher's Marketplace newsletter has some interesting info about 
the effect of e-docs on printing behaviour. Holy moly!

>Princeton Kindle Pilot Focuses on Reducing Printing, Not Replacing Textbooks
>Princeton University says they are testing the Kindle DX for the 
>same reason that many publishers bought Sony Readers for staff: to 
>save on printing and photocopying. At a site to explain the pilot, 
>the university says, "A driving factor in the launch of this pilot 
>was the patterns of printing on campus. Statistics show that 
>students are not reading digital articles and book selections on 
>their computer screens, but rather downloading the same files again 
>and again, and printing them multiple times in the course of a 
>semester.... Since the inception of digital document delivery on 
>campus, printing has increased, rather than lessened. Last year, 
>10.5 million sheets of paper were used in campus computing 
>clusters." (They state elsewhere that printing 10 million sheets of 
>paper costs approximately $1 million.)
>Like the other pilot programs, they are only buying 50 or 60 
>Kindles--and a foundation is paying for the devices.

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