[LINK] How many Newspapers does it take to build Ayers Rock?

Tom Koltai tomk at unwired.com.au
Tue May 12 14:04:51 AEST 2009

I thought linkers mught enjoy my latest Koltai reveletion in relation to
ICT vs traditional media distribution methods.

47,742 tons per year - 2.83 times the volume of Ayers Rock.

That's the amount of CO2 that News Limited sent into our atmosphere in
2007 from their paper and periodical publishing business.
Their electronic division emitted only 498 tons for the same period.

Therefore if we can assume that the digital audience is as large as the
traditional paper audience, (and Rupert Murdoch's recent revelations
would suggest that it is larger); we can safely deduce that digital
delivery is 95.86% less harmful to the environment.
Rupert is an Aussie. (Yes, we invented him here..) So what when Rupert
says (as he will in the next couple of years) shut down the presses, he
isn't laying off workers - he's saving the koalas, platypi, kangaroos
and you and I.

Now if the Government could just get its head around  the fact that
Digital is good,  Paper and plastic is bad - well we could start saving
the economy.

Save the planet - download a file... and don't dispose of that old
scratched CD in a landfill.

Just one question - if no-one buys newspapers and magazines any more,
what will we do with all the extra trees?

Breath planet earth breath.


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