[LINK] How many Newspapers does it take to build Ayers Rock?

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News International = The entire UK subsidiary of News Corp.

News Digital Media = Australian digital delivery subsidiary of News Limited,
which is the Australian subsidiary of News Corp.

So: all of News Corp's UK operations delivered 47,742 tonnes of CO2. The
Australian digital subsidiary's ops delivered 498 tonnes.

Not quite comparable.


Tom Koltai wrote:
> I thought linkers mught enjoy my latest Koltai reveletion in relation to
> ICT vs traditional media distribution methods.
> 47,742 tons per year - 2.83 times the volume of Ayers Rock.
> That's the amount of CO2 that News Limited sent into our atmosphere in
> 2007 from their paper and periodical publishing business.
> Their electronic division emitted only 498 tons for the same period.
> Therefore if we can assume that the digital audience is as large as the
> traditional paper audience, (and Rupert Murdoch's recent revelations
> would suggest that it is larger); we can safely deduce that digital
> delivery is 95.86% less harmful to the environment.
> Rupert is an Aussie. (Yes, we invented him here..) So what when Rupert
> says (as he will in the next couple of years) shut down the presses, he
> isn't laying off workers - he's saving the koalas, platypi, kangaroos
> and you and I.
> Now if the Government could just get its head around  the fact that
> Digital is good,  Paper and plastic is bad - well we could start saving
> the economy.
> Save the planet - download a file... and don't dispose of that old
> scratched CD in a landfill.
> Just one question - if no-one buys newspapers and magazines any more,
> what will we do with all the extra trees?
> Breath planet earth breath.
> References:
> http://www.newscorp.com/energy/emissions.html
> http://www.perceptric.com/blog/_archives/2009/5/12/4182970.html
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