[LINK] Fattening the Goose - was Budget Release.

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> > Actually Andy - My comment was about the use of the word 
> concrete in 
> > relation to the rollout of the nations australia-wide fibre network.
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> > But possibly I should have placed a question mark after the word 
> > concrete.
> >
> > Tom
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> I meant no offense Tom, its just that you have been rather 
> verbose lately.
> LINK should be as it should. (sorry, I can't write the words 
> that express my thoughts)
> -andyf
> ps. I was just trying to say that there really is no need to 
> tell everyone when particular shows are on T.V.

Verbosity is apparently a direct result of my gainful employment or lack
of. When I'm in-between, I appear to have more time to devote to my few
favourite things - one of which is Link.

Thank-you Andy, for your kind, charitable, well meaning, non-offensive
words of encouragement.
Most linkers don't bother to chastise, they just redirect posts to
On Microsoft, you can achieve this by setting an incoming messages rule.
Keyword=Koltai, move to Folder=Junk. 

That should prevent you from being further bombarded by my irrelevant
overly prolific postings.

Or, you could do as I do, which is, not reading the postings from
persons whom I find dull, boring, lacking in original thought.

I hope that helped solve your apparent problem and will allow you to
continue enjoying Link as it should be - sans Koltai irrelevancies.

One final time for the slow persons in the audience - my posting was not
about "what was on TV" my posting was about the fact that Swan referred
to the national broadband iniative as connecting the nation with steel,
fibre and concrete.
It reminded me of the Al Gore Speech in the USA in March 1993.
I found it interesting and on the off chance that he would drop
additional "gems" I thought I would notify linkers of the currency of
the action.

Get a life Farkas. You remind me of my single Grand Aunt in Kesthely,
Hungary - out of boredom, and lack of a husband, she used to sit there
on the front stoop  and verbal the geese for picking up small pebbles
instead of corn. Yet when the geese became nice and fat, she still ate
them with gusto and enjoyment.


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