[LINK] How many Newspapers does it take to build Ayers Rock?

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> On Tuesday 12 May 2009 21:04, Rick Welykochy wrote:
> >> I thought linkers mught enjoy my latest Koltai reveletion in
> >> relation to ICT vs traditional media distribution methods.
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> >> 47,742 tons per year - 2.83 times the volume of Ayers Rock.
> > 
> > That would be 2.83 times the mass of Ayers Rock, no?
> At standard temperature and pressure (0 degC & 100 KPa) the 
> density of carbon dioxide is around 1.98 kg/m³ (Wikipedia), 
> which is 0.00198 g/cc.  Ayers Rock, which is sandstone, would 
> have a density of say 2.3 g/cc.
> So compressing CO2 at STP and the volume or Ayers Rock to the 
> same density as Ayers Rock would reduce its volume to 
> (0.00198 / 2.3) or 0.000861 that of the Rock.  Much of it is 
> below ground but it's still 348 metres above, so our 
> hypothetical CO2 would only be about 30 cm high!  I haven't 
> calculated the temperature rise involved, but it would be substantial.


I actually used Coal to obtain my mass dnesity calculations - allowing
for a denser result.

Coal was the closest "carbon" substitute I could find to obtain my
original approximate calculations for.

I believe coal is denser than limestone.

So please excuse my ignorance - but doesn’t that alter considerably the
mass density percentage of your results ? i.e. in other words - my calcs
are still 2.83 times the percentage of.


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