[LINK] How many Newspapers does it take to build Ayers Rock?

Stephen Wilson swilson at lockstep.com.au
Wed May 13 16:59:53 AEST 2009

Tom Koltai wrote:
>>>> I thought linkers mught enjoy my latest Koltai reveletion in
>>>> relation to ICT vs traditional media distribution methods.
>>>> 47,742 tons per year - 2.83 times the volume of Ayers Rock.
>>> That would be 2.83 times the mass of Ayers Rock, no?
>> ...
>> So compressing CO2 at STP and the volume or Ayers Rock to the 
>> same density as Ayers Rock would reduce its volume to 
>> (0.00198 / 2.3) or 0.000861 that of the Rock.  Much of it is 
>> below ground but it's still 348 metres above, so our 
>> hypothetical CO2 would only be about 30 cm high!  I haven't 
>> calculated the temperature rise involved, but it would be substantial.
> <snip>
> David,
> I actually used Coal to obtain my mass dnesity calculations - allowing
> for a denser result.
OK, this is going to be a big call folks, but I reckon this is by far 
the strangest thread I have ever seen on the Link list.

Like Jan, I seem to be missing some of the posts, which might explain 
the comedy.

But are you talking about landfill (where it might make sense to compare 
the volume of newspapers to Ayers Rock)?  Or CO2 sequestration?  Or 
something else, where it makes some kinda sense to compare coal and 

Anyone looking for an Ig Nobel Prize nomination? ;-)



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