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Sat May 16 10:33:21 AEST 2009

On 16/05/2009, at 10:20 AM, Jan Whitaker wrote:
> But you're right about anyone being silly to trust their
> unrecoverable data to a third party like that. These should only be
> backup storage, not primary. Reminds me, I should backup my blog. :-)

So where, exactly, are your life's savings right now? And do you have  
a backup?

While there's lessons in here about interdependency and the like, I do  
tend to counter the "data in the cloud is perilous" meme with the  
counter-argument, which is that professional data centres are far more  
likely to be taking better care of your data than you do at home or in  
a small office.

It's just that when a big player fails, a lot of people are affected  
at once and it makes news. Whereas every day there are thousands of  
little business experiencing disasters because a server wasn't backed  
up here, an MYOB file there, a PC infected with a virus over there --  
potentially having FAR greater impact on each of those businesses. But  
all that happens invisibly, because Joan Smith Shoes in Oonagalabie  
West losing a month's bookkeeping data isn't news.

Numbers please, everyone! Verified numbers what we can analyse!


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