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Kim Holburn kim at holburn.net
Mon May 18 17:33:55 AEST 2009

You might find it useful:
> Have you ever gotten frustrated during a web search because you  
> suddenly hit a dead end with a link that didn't work?
> Never again!
> DeadURL.com allows you to find exactly what you're looking for with  
> any broken link -- even links to websites that have been removed  
> forever!


>   How To Use DeadURL.com
> Easy! Just type deadurl.com/ in front of a link that doesn't work,  
> and hit Enter.

>   How This Is Possible
> Any time a web page gets put online, there are usually a few copies  
> that get made on other sites. Sometimes there are lots. These  
> backups allow anyone to visit a page that used to be found at a  
> currently broken url.
> Two main sites that offer working backup copies for most web pages  
> are Google, with their caching of web pages, and the Internet  
> Archive. The Archive aims to keep copies of every web page not kept  
> secret by its individual owner. That's most web pages, and that  
> allows us to see and use old versions of any page, whether the  
> current version works or not.
> There are also mirror sites, which keep copies of individual pages  
> and entire sites. There are lots of mirror sites out there built  
> specifically to preserve certain sites and pages, and if you find a  
> dead url for one of those places, a mirror site can provide the  
> backup.
> DeadURL.com gathers as many backup links as possible for each dead  
> url, via Google cache, Archive.org, and user submissions. Every time  
> a user previews a backup for a dead url, they influence that link's  
> score. The best backup links get the highest scores, and you can set  
> your preference to automatically forward you from http://deadurl.com/SOME-DEAD-LINK 
>  to a preview of the best backup for that dead url, or straight to  
> the best backup itself.


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